All About LabelTac Tape

There are several components that go into the process of thermal transferprinting: the printer itself, print ribbon, and supply, also called tape. The LabelTac printer series produces high quality and professional grade using LabelTac ribbon and LabelTac tape. There are several different types of supplies available to create labels that can withstand extreme temperatures, adhere to tricky surfaces, are preprinted and so much more!

Why LabelTac Tape?

When purchasing supply for your LabelTac printer, you can choose from a variety of sizes depending on the printer model you have. For instance, if you have a LabelTac 4 or LabelTac Pro you can get tape varying in width from ½” to 4”. If you’re looking for something smaller, Creative Safety Supply offers LabelTac Printable Heat Shrink Tubing that will shrink to half its original size when heated.

The classic LabelTac tape is extremely durable and designed to last 5+ years when used outdoors, and even longer with indoor application. This type of supply is perfect for any type of labeling project you’re starting. Whether you’re beginning a 5S program or starting a pipe labeling project, the supply comes in 14 different colors with two high visibility options. This supply can also withstand below freezing temperatures up to 180°F.

If you’re looking for a different type of supply, there is a huge range of LabelTac tape available. Even with the strong adhesive featured with the regular LabelTac supply, tricky surfaces can pose a challenge. Magnetic supply is perfect for equipment, low halide supply will not corrode pipes, oily supply is designed to adhere to greasy or grimy services, and LabelTac ESD supply is ideal for labeling electrically sensitive components.

Although the LabelTac supply comes in 14 colors, you may want a different type of look for your labels. Looking to enhance labels? The brushed metal supply will give labels a metallic look while still staying durable. Reflective tape can enhance safety and is useful for areas like stairwells, crawlspaces, emergency exits, etc. Another type of tape that is ideal for low-visibility areas or emergency exits is the photoluminescent, or glow in the dark, supply. The optically clear supply will match the background the label is adhered to, and dry erase supply gives you the option to write and erase directly on the label.

Preprinted LabelTac tape is also available for professional and compliant safety labels. There are several continuous header options, including blank ones and ones with headers that read “DANGER”, “CAUTION”, “WARNING”, AND “NOTICE”. Other types of preprinted labels include NFPA labels and GHS labels. The GHS roll of labels come in one, two, three, and four diamond options, giving you the option to get the exact labels your facility needs.


LabelTac tape produces extremely durable labels that you can customize. Whether you’re going Lean or are looking to improve safety, the variety of supplies gives you the freedom to create beautiful and professional grade labels.

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