LabelTac Ribbon: What You Need to Know

labeltac ribbon

What’s the key to bright, visually appealing signs? The ribbon! The LabelTac printers are a series of thermal transfer printers that use LabelTac Ribbon in conjunction with LabelTac software and supplies to create custom labels in house. In a printing sense, the label is the paper and the ribbons are the ink. These industrial label printers use heat to transfer ink from the ribbon onto the vinyl label, creating long lasting and high-quality labels for the workplace.

Types of LabelTac Ribbon

LabelTac Ribbon comes in a variety of widths and are created for specific printers. For example, the LabelTac 4 Print Ribbon is compatible with the LabelTac 4 printer but not the LabelTac4 PRO. A huge advantage to LabelTac Ribbon is how long it lasts. The LabelTac 9 Print Ribbon for instance is 984’ and a user will replace the supply around six times before the ribbon runs out. The seven common colors for printer ribbon are black, red, white, orange, yellow, green, and blue. The ribbon produces letters and symbols that are rich in color and very visually appealing.

The ribbons themselves are created with a compound that will hold up to scratching and chemicals, creating printed text lasting for years in an industrial or outdoor environment. LabelTac ribbons are also smear and smudge proof, ensuring sharp and clean lines on the label. The bond between the lettering and the label is exceptionally strong, and labels will stay crisp and clean for a long time.

If there are more hazardous chemicals present, or chemicals that test the durability of the regular ribbon, the UltraChem Ribbon may be the option to consider. Using the combination of LabelTac UltraChem Ribbon with LabelTac UltraChem Supply will create safety labels that are extremely resistant. These types of labels are ideal for automotive labels, medical and pharmaceutical labels, circuit board labels chemical disposal locations, chemical drums, and for chemical spill/danger warning labels throughout the facility or on vehicles. The bond between the ribbon and the supply is extremely strong and will stay intact for years. Chemicals the ribbon can protect from include brake fluid, diesel fuel, IPA, MEK, acetone, xylene, petrol and much more.

If a facility is just starting to consider purchasing an industrial label printer, it would be wise to consider a bundle package. These printer bundles differ depending on the size of the targeted facility or what the facility’s goal with the printer is. For instance, Creative Safety Supply offers a starter bundle containing everything a safety manager would need to start a labeling project. There is a pipe labeling bundle that includes supply in colors that align with OSHA standards, black and white ribbon, and a pipe marking information poster. However, if a facility already owns a LabelTac printer, there are cost-saving bundles available for them as well, like the GHS supply bundle that includes two, three, and four blanks GHS diamonds, white supply, and black print ribbon.

The way to achieve crisp, effective, and visually appealing labels come down to the materials used. Using LabelTac Ribbon alongside LabelTac Supply will ensure the production of fantastic labels.

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