Printer Review: the LabelTac 4 Printer

The LabelTac 4 printer is an ideal entry-level system if you or your facility are in LabelTac 4 Printerthe market for an industrial label printer to get you started making custom labels. Although the LabelTac 4 is a printer geared to those just beginning in their label making journey, the LabelTac 4 printer is capable of producing crisp and clear, extremely durable custom labels. This model of the LabelTac printer is also ideal for those looking for a budget-friendly label maker that will take up a small amount of desk space. LabelTac 4 weighs less than five pounds, making it easy to move around the office or warehouse if needed.

All about the LabelTac 4 Printer

Create labels anywhere from ½” up to 4” wide, and labels all the way to 40 inches long. The amount of label supply to choose from gives the user an endless amount of types of labels needed in a workplace. For one, the printer is compatible with both continuous labels and die-cut labels. So, whether you need to create a custom-sized label or GHS die-cut labels are helpful, the LabelTac 4 can create both.

Just because this LabelTac model is considered an entry-level printer, you can still design and create labels that will withstand extreme temperatures and chemicals, labels you can write on with dry erase markers, glow-in-the-dark labels, and nearly everything in between.

All printers from the LabelTac series come with two exciting and free of charge features: a full lifetime warranty and the LabelSuite software. The warranty that comes with the LabelTac 4 will cover your printer for life on all parts, labor, and related costs, and the helpful folks at Creative Safety Supply offers a lifetime of free support from knowledgeable labeling experts.

One of the most “bang for your buck” features you receive with a LabelTac printer is the LabelSuite software. Usually a $299 value, this labeling software is included for free along with free upgrades for life. Whether you need to create OSHA compliant safety signs, or you would like to create a custom sign featuring your logo, LabelSuite makes is extremely easy. LabelSuite is loaded with thousands of templates and symbols to choose from, and you can create and save your own custom templates to use in the years to come.

If you’re not sure where to start with the LabelTac 4, here are four types of labels you can make in a matter of minutes:

  1. OSHA/ANSI safety signs: There are continuous header rolls on the market that will easily create OSHA and ANSI compliant danger, caution, warning, notice, and safety instruction signs. The LabelSuite software also includes OSHA and ANSI approved symbols and templates.
  2. GHS & NFPA signs: There are supply rolls you can purchase that have pre-printed blank diamonds for both GHS and NFPA labels. Both come in the die-cut and continuous roll options, and the user can customize these diamonds with the approved symbols featured in the labeling software.
  3. Organizational labels: Labels are an excellent tool for organizing. From rack labeling to labeling floors, the LabelTac 4 printer can cultivate and foster an organized workplace.
  4. Pipe marking: One of the biggest projects a facility can undertake is a pipe labeling project. It can be hard to estimate the number of labels you will need and the types before ordering, and LabelTac printers gives you the freedom to quickly label the pipes around. Low halide supply is ideal for pipes as it is designed to protect the pipes from corrosion. There is also extreme temperature supply, perfect for pipes carrying cold or hot contents.


Label printing in your own facility and designing and creating your own custom labels may seem daunting at first, but once you start you can’t stop, the options are limitless! If you are new to in-house industrial label printing, or you’re just in the market for a smaller and more compact printer, the LabelTac 4 printer is the printer for you.


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