Reorganizing Your Toolbox

Toolbox Organization

Is your work bench cluttered with tools or does your toolbox seem like a black hole? If so, it may be time to try some new organizational strategies for your workspace. Organizing tools and the surrounding space will improve your facility’s efficiency and visual communication efforts.

Why Should I Reorganize?

  • Visual Communication

First off, having a well-organized tool system will clean up and de-clutter the area.  When the workplace looks messy, workers are less likely to take

ownership of maintaining the space. An organized workplace can inspire confidence in employees, customers, and other people who enter the facility, an untidy space could

give visitors the impression the facility isn’t in great shape. Finally, using visual cues, like a shadow, makes it much easier for workers to identify tools they’re looking for or highlight missing/damaged tools

  • Eliminate Waste and Increase Efficiency

Time is often wasted when a worker has to dig through a box or drawer looking for the right tool. Money can be wasted when unnecessary tools are purchased to replace ones thought to be lost, only to be found later. Using measures like tool foam prevent tools from getting damaged, thus increasing a tool’s lifespan and eliminating the need to replace them often. By organizing tools, you can eliminate waste and work towards getting items to customers as quickly as possible.

Tools to Organize Tools

  • Foam tool organizer: Use your existing toolbox or tool chest and add an extra layer of protection for your tools by using custom foam inserts. You can use several layers of foam, cut it to the size of the drawer or box you’re organizing, and cut out specific outlines for tools to fit snugly in.
  • Metal Pegboard: You can never go wrong with this classic tool organization system. Rather than keeping your tools in a box or cluttered drawer, consider hanging them up on hooks to be completely visible to everyone. Peg boards give you the flexibility to change the set up often and the option to customize the wall with different types of hooks, shelves, bins, etc.
  • Shadow board: The concept of a shadow board is to have a contrasting silhouette beneath a tool. This makes it much easier to identify what tools are missing, lost, or stolen. Use shadowing foam or shadow board vinyl tape in a bright color alongside your tool foam or pegboard efforts for maximum organization.

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