Reviewing the LabelTac 9 Printer

The LabelTac 9 Printer

Is your facility looking for an industrial label maker capable of making large, easy-to-see labels in a matter of minutes? The LabelTac 9 printer may be the printer for your workplace! The LabelTac 9 is the largest model of the LabelTac series and is built to serve. In this post we will be looking at the features of this specific model and the benefits of going with a LabelTac printer over another brand.

LabelTac 9 Printer features and possibilities:

 The LabelTac 9 model can print labels anywhere from 4-inches to 9-inches tall and up to 200-inches long. These labels are guaranteed to be seen from across the room and ensure your labels get noticed. The supply and ribbon offered by Creative Safety Supply will produce vibrant and rich colors for any kind of sign your facility needs.

At 4 inches printed per second and the capability to print up to 5,000 labels a day, you can start, execute, and finish a large labeling project in a single work day. The LabelTac 9 printer will truly turn your workbench or office into a custom sign or label shop. It features both a display window and an LCD screen, so you can watch your labels being made from start to finish.

The LabelTac 9 printer was designed with an industrial facility in mind. The rugged aluminum chassis will last in nearly any workplace and withstand a variety of conditions. Whatever kind of label or safety sign needed in the warehouse or facility can be created with a LabelTac printer. The number of supplies and ribbon available with Creative Safety Supply can aide you in creating OSHA compliant labels, professional GHS labels, barcoding labels, and virtually any type of workplace label you can think of. There is also sign blanks and blank valve tags available for you to transform a label into a durable sign or tag.

Why LabelTac?

 No matter the model you purchase, whether it’s a LabelTac 9 printer or a LabelTac Pro X, there is unmatched level of support you will receive. First off, your printer comes with a full lifetime warranty that is no charge to you. This warranty is transferable to any new owners and covers all parts, labor, and shipping costs. In the case you have to send in your printer for repair, Creative Safety Supply will often send you a free loaner printer to minimize any downtime your company may face.

Your purchase of a LabelTac printer also comes with the intuitive software, LabelSuite. LabelSuite is your gateway to creating beautiful, professional grade labels. The familiar interface of the software will get you started in just a few minutes to creating custom labels. Chock full of templates and symbols, LabelSuite will guide you through the process of creating GHS labels, NFPA labels, safety signs, and much more.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your LabelTac, you have access to lifetime support from the knowledgeable labeling experts at Creative Safety Supply. Just give them a call or shoot them an email and you will get a response quickly.

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