Safety Signs + Labels for Construction Sites

Visual communication is essential for safety at any workplace. This is especially true for construction sites. This type of environment often has a variety of different activities going on throughout the area, which can make it very dangerous if people are not careful. Alerting people to what types of hazards exist in which areas is a great way to make sure that everyone is taking proper precautions, including wearing the right personal protection equipment, at all times.

Safety Signs

One of the most important types of visual communication that can be used in a construction zone is the safety sign. These signs can convey specific information about the area to make sure people are being careful. There are a wide range of different types of signs that are found at most construction sites, including the following:

  • Keep Out – Perhaps the most common type of safety sign in a construction zone is the simple keep out sign. This can alert people to the fact that beyond a certain point is a construction zone and they should not enter.
  • Confined Spaces – Signs alerting people that a specific area is classified as a confined space will ensure nobody enters without proper safety gear and other precautions.
  • High Voltage – Any area where high voltage systems are present should have a sign letting people know. Electrical systems are among the most dangerous, which is why these signs are critical.
  • Falling Object Warnings – When work is being done at high levels there is always the risk that something could fall, causing serious injury to anyone below. These signs can remind people to avoid the area entirely or wear hard hats if that is not possible.
  • Demolition Warnings – In areas where demolition has to take place before new construction can begin, putting up signs letting people know is critical. This will help prevent people from entering an area, especially off hours, so they are not at risk during the demolition process.
  • Watch for Forklifts – Putting up signs in areas where forklifts or other vehicles are in operation will ensure pedestrians in the area are taking the needed precautions to avoid accidents.
  • Other – Of course, there are hundreds of potential options for what types of safety signs can be used on a construction site. Choosing the right ones based on the work being done will help to keep employees and others as safe as possible.

In addition to these, many construction sites will create customized safety signs that convey the exact information they need. For example, if work is being done on the electrical lines above, they may want a safety sign letting people know to take extra care when operating a crane or other equipment. Being able to create customized safety signs as they are needed is a great way to improve construction site safety.

Using Labels on Construction Sites

Another commonly used type of visual communication is the label. Labels can be used to convey important information that people will need when in an area. Sometimes these labels can be purely informational, such as what types of materials are stored in a specific area. In other cases, labels can be printed to help improve safety in a construction zone.

For example, labels are often printed and applied to the entrance of an area where personal protection equipment must be worn. The label can simply state that PPE is required beyond this point, which is a great reminder. Another way that labels can improve safety is by making sure people know what hazards are present. Pipe labels must be used on any pipes that contain dangerous chemicals, stream, or other hazards. If there is a risk for an arc flash in an area, putting up safety labels to alert people to the danger could be lifesaving.

Purchasing and Creating Signs and Labels

No matter what type of safety signs and labels you need, it is important to be able to get them quickly and easily. For commonly used signs, ordering them from a trusted provider is often the easiest and most economical option. When you need custom signs or labels, you may want to have an industrial label printer on site and ready to go. You can also order customized signs based on your specific needs.

No matter which option you choose, it is necessary to put up this type of visual communication in order to keep people safe. This is not only a good practice for your company, but in many cases it is actually required by local, state, or federal laws. Construction sites are recognized as one of the most dangerous types of workplace, which is why using visual communication strategies is so important.

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