What are the 5S’s?

What are the 5S

5S is popular methodology in Lean workplaces, specifically manufacturing. It is much more than an organizational tool, but rather a tool that helps facilities increase sales, reduce costs, and gives organizations a bit of an edge. Following each step of the 5S process thoroughly and with attention to detail, you will be able to remove clutter from the workspace while creating an efficient environment for workers. 5S – The Phases Sort Sorting is the process …

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Kaizen in the Workplace

Kaizen is both a methodology and a philosophy that can be found in Lean businesses, facilities, and organizations. The term Kaizen is from Japan and is a term meaning continuous improvement. It is integral to the Toyota Production System uses a variety of Lean tools and strategies. The idea of continuous improvement is one that includes smaller and incremental changes are constantly made to improve efficiency and processes in the business. What is Kaizen? While …

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LabelTac Support: Including the LabelTac 4 Pro User Manual

Having an industrial label printer on-site can make your labeling projects quick and simple, and having the option to customize means you can create virtually any type of label you can think of. Purchasing a label printer for your industrial workplace for the first time may seem a little daunting, but the level of support you receive with your purchase of the LabelTac 4 Pro is unmatched and unbeatable. In this post we will explore …

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Reviewing the LabelTac 9 Printer

Is your facility looking for an industrial label maker capable of making large, easy-to-see labels in a matter of minutes? The LabelTac 9 printer may be the printer for your workplace! The LabelTac 9 is the largest model of the LabelTac series and is built to serve. In this post we will be looking at the features of this specific model and the benefits of going with a LabelTac printer over another brand. LabelTac 9 …

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All the Possibilities of LabelTac Labels

labeltac labels

LabelTac printers are a series of industrial label printers that can turn your workbench or desk into a custom label and sign shop. LabelTac labels are produced extremely durable, professional looking, and can be used in a variety of different applications and will last you for many years to come. In this post we will look at all the different types of labels you can create to maximize the benefit of your LabelTac printer. What …

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Understanding the LabelTac Pro X Printer

Choosing the right printer for your facility can be a tough choice. LabelTac Pro X printer is the latest evolution in industrial label printing. Why choose the LabelTac Pro X printer? The LabelTac Pro X can print labels ranging from ½-inches tall up to 4-inches tall and 40-inches long, meaning you can print anything from cable wraps to wall signs, and anything in between. Labels printed using LabelTac supplies and ribbons are extremely durable and …

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What you can Create with the LabelTac Software

Creating and printing custom labels for your facility has never been easier with the LabelTac series of industrial printers. The printer is able to print hundreds of labels in a day, on almost any color or kind of supply you can think of. Your LabelTac printer comes with an unbeatable warranty, an extremely intuitive labeling software, and a lifetime of support from the experts at CreativeSafety Supply. Why the LabelTac Software Although the LabelTac printer …

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LabelTac 4 Pro Ribbon: An Overview

LabelTac 4 Pro Ribbon

The LabelTac series of industrial label printers produces high-quality and long-lasting labels. An important component of the labeling system is using LabelTac supply and ribbon. In terms of printing, consider the supply to be the paper and the ribbon as the ink. Ribbon is designed for a certain printer model, and today we will be looking at the LabelTac 4 Pro Ribbon and the corresponding printer. About the LabelTac 4 Pro Ribbon LabelTac uses thermal …

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All About LabelTac Tape

There are several components that go into the process of thermal transferprinting: the printer itself, print ribbon, and supply, also called tape. The LabelTac printer series produces high quality and professional grade using LabelTac ribbon and LabelTac tape. There are several different types of supplies available to create labels that can withstand extreme temperatures, adhere to tricky surfaces, are preprinted and so much more! Why LabelTac Tape? When purchasing supply for your LabelTac printer, you …

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What You Can do With LabelTac Supplies

labeltac supplies

Printing durable, professional grade custom labels is easy, quick, and intuitive with the LabelTac industrial labeling system. Creating custom labels doesn’t stop with choosing the text, symbols, and design of the label, as LabelTac supplies add a whole new dimension of creativity. Whether you need to create safety labels that can withstand the elements, or you need 5S labels that won’t fade, LabelTac will produce high quality labels in a matter of minutes. Creating labels …

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