Understanding the LabelTac Pro X Printer

A LabelTac Pro X Printer

Choosing the right printer for your facility can be a tough choice. LabelTac Pro X printer is the latest evolution in industrial label printing.

Why choose the LabelTac Pro X printer?

The LabelTac Pro X can print labels ranging from ½-inches tall up to 4-inches tall and 40-inches long, meaning you can print anything from cable wraps to wall signs, and anything in between. Labels printed using LabelTac supplies and ribbons are extremely durable and will survive in an industrial environment for years to come.

LabelTac printers use thermal transfer printing technology to produce professional grade, long-lasting labels. These labels will be resistant to smudging, fading, and scratching, even outdoors!

The number of labels you can make with the LabelTac Pro X printer is incredible, the following are just a few different applications.

  • Safety labels – visual communication is key to an effective safety program.
  • Pipe marking labels – follow pipe marking standards and print custom pipe labels that align with the pipe color code. For added protection against corroding, use the low halide supply.
  • OSHA/ANSI compliant labels – purchase pre-printed continuous header labels to create compliant signs in a few minutes.
  • Lean & 5S labels – improve organization in the workplace or start a new methodology easily by printing labels in-house.
  • GHS labels – you can buy pre-printed GHS labels with one, two, three, four, and five diamond options. The GHS labeling wizard will guide you in designing and printing the best GHS labels for your facility.

LabelTac Pro X printer features

There are many features that come specifically with the Pro X model. Below are a bulleted list of specs and capabilities you will get with the LabelTac Pro X printer:

  • Rugged industrial chassis – can survive in an industrial environment.
  • Effortless supply loading – when supply needs loading, simply swap it out in under a few minutes.
  • Connects to any PC via USB or the built-in Ethernet connection – whether you want to set up a printer station with your LabelTac, or add it to the network, this printer can do both.
  • Weighs under 10 pounds – Easily move it around the office or facility if needed.
  • Full color LCD screen – easily and quickly determine how much print ribbon remains.
  • Expanded ribbon capacity – this printer can hold ribbon 984-feet long, meaning you only need to change the ribbon after ten rolls of supply.
  • Has the capability to print up to 2500 labels in a single day – start and finish huge labeling projects in a single day!

With your LabelTac Pro X printer you will also receive the LabelSuite software free of charge. This intuitive and easy-to-use software will aide you in creating any type of custom labels you can think of and it’s loaded with an extensive library of both industrial symbols and label templates.

All printers in the LabelTac series include a full lifetime warranty at no cost. This warranty covers all parts and labor, as well as shipping costs. Creative Safety Supply will often times ship a loaner printer to minimize any downtime you may face. The labeling experts at Creative Safety Supply will answer any questions or provide guidance while you’re using the LabelTac series.

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