What you can Create with the LabelTac Software

Creating and printing custom labels for your facility has never been easier with the LabelTac series of

industrial printers. The printer is able to print hundreds of labels in a day, on almost any color or kind of supply you can think of. Your LabelTac printer comes with an unbeatable warranty, an extremely intuitive labeling software, and a lifetime of support from the experts at CreativeSafety Supply.

Why the LabelTac Software

Workstation with LabelTac software

Although the LabelTac printer series can work with multiple design programs including Microsoft Word, Apache OpenOffice, Adobe Creative Suite, and a few others. With each printer however, you will receive a download to LabelSuite, the LabelTac software.

LabelSuite, a $299 value, is a powerful and intuitive design software that is able to create professional-grade and durable labels. The software is full with thousands symbols and templates, so you can design any kind of labels needed in the workplace. The following are just a few ways to use the LabelTac software and different kinds of supply to create custom labels:

GHS labels: The first step is to choose the supply you will be loading into the printer. GHS die-cut label supply is available, and you can choose how many diamonds you want featured on the label including one, two, three, four, and five diamond options. Simply go into the LabelTac software and start from a scratch template or use the pre-loaded GHS wizard to start customizing. The wizard allows the user to put in the name of the substance being labeled, and the software will provide you with the proper symbols, signal word and message to enter on the label. You can create GHS labels that look professional and is resistant to industrial chemicals.

OSHA compliant signs: Using continuous header supply with the templates loaded in the LabelTac software will produce labels that are compliant with OSHA standards. Easily create DANGER, CAUTION, WARNING, and NOTICE sign with corresponding symbols and a word message to increase safety in the workplace. LabelTac guarantees the labels printed will withstand industrial environments without smudging or fading over time.

Barcode labels: One of the neatest features of LabelSuite is the capability to create labels with a UPC barcode or a QR code to be printed on the label. Choose width, height, font, and more with the barcode generator for a code able to scan! The QR code generator allows you to attach a URL, email, message, etc. right into a code that workers can scan. This option is perfect for adding a new level of organization to the workplace.

Along with receiving the LabelSuite software free of charge, you are also guaranteed free updates for life. Every time Creative Safety Supply upgrades and adds new features to the software, you can download it immediately. In addition, your printer comes with a full lifetime warranty covering all parts and labor, including the print head. In many instances Creative Safety Supply will provide you with a free loaner printer to minimize any downtime you may face. You will also have access to the labeling experts at Creative Safety Supply who can answer any questions or give you labeling advice.

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