What You Can do With LabelTac Supplies

Printing durable, professional grade custom labels is easy, quick, and intuitive with the LabelTac industrial labeling system. Creating custom labels doesn’t stop with choosing the text, symbols, and design of the label, as LabelTac supplies add a whole new dimension of creativity. Whether you need to create safety labels that can withstand the elements, or you need 5S labels that won’t fade, LabelTac will produce high quality labels in a matter of minutes.

Creating labels with LabelTac supplies

No matter what labels you need to make for the workplace, the LabelTac printer series and supplies has got you covered! LabelTac printers are a thermal transfer printing system, essentially melting ribbon (the wax) on the vinyl (the supply). Using thermal transfer printing ensures the text or symbols on the sign will not peel off, scratch, or smudge. Whether you’re making pipe marking labels, creating safety signs, or printing out tags, these labels are specifically designed to hold up in warehouses, outdoors, factories, and any sort of jobsite.

Pipe labeling: Using the LabelTac to implement or improve your pipe marking efforts, and LabelTac offers a variety of supplies to ensure the labels will last for many years to come. For instance, the LabelTac Low Halide Supply was designed for use on pipes; this supply is engineered with low levels of halogen to prevent the label from corroding the pipe. There is also high temperature supply as well as cryogenic supply, ensuring labels can withstand extreme temperatures of the pipe’s contents.    

5S efforts: 5S is an organizational system that aims to reduce waste and increase efficiency, and labels are an ideal organizational tool. The LabelTac software gives you the option to create labels suited perfectly with your facility. Printing labels with unique barcodes can improve your inventory tracking system, use the high-performance vinyl for floor labels designating holding spots, create wire wraps with self-laminating supply to keep cables organized, and so much more! The options for designing and printing organizational labels are virtually endless.

Equipment labels: Heavy machinery or dangerous equipment should be identified and properly labeled to alert the worker of the present hazards. While our classic LabelTac supply can be adhered to any surface without the risk of peeling, you may have different needs for machine/equipment labels. Have a dirty surface on equipment that causes regular adhesive to not work? There is the LabelTac Oily Surface Supply, perfect for placing labels on grimy or oily surfaces. Is a machine only temporarily out of order? Use the LabelTac Magnetic Supply or the Static Cling Supply to adhere labels that can be easily moved or removed if needed.

GHS/NFPA labels: Pre-printed die-cut labels are perfect for making you’re HAZCOM efforts much simpler. These labels come ready to peel and stick, and feature either the GHS or NFPA diamonds. GHS labels come in one, two, three, and four diamond options, and both have blank spots for easy customization. Using the LabelTac software, simply choose the approved hazard pictograms, drag and drop them in, add a little more information, and print off your label. Not only will these labels be compliant with regulations and standards, but they look like you ordered them from a professional company.

No matter the type of labeling project you’re about to embark on, there are LabelTac supplies that will fit your needs. Check out all the different options at Creative Safety Supply and begin printing your custom labels!


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